Landlord Installed Coin Metre On Toilet So Tennant Has To Pay To Flush

Landlords can be extremely rotten when it comes to money, a lot of them tap the coin metres for electricity if the place has one of the old fashioned coin metre.

But one landlord has gone to the extreme of putting a metre on the toilet flush, forcing the tennant to pay to flush.

“Is this even legal?”


The tennant said the toilet costs more than 50p to flush each time, even though he pays the water bill to the building.

The picture above was uploaded to Imgur by a Melbourne-based tennant who wanted to know if his landlord was legally allowed to do this.

He said: “I understand in our laundry having to pay for the communal washing machine,

“But I pay the water bill that goes into my apartment. He said it was a government incentive to save water. But then why does he get to collect the money?”

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