Dad Murdered 7-Month-Old Son By Twisting His Testicles

A despicable ‘dad’ has been found guilty of murdering his 7-month-old son by inflicting ‘frankly obscene’ injuries.

Said to be a ‘bad-tempered’ individual, Kane Kennedy, 20, went into a fit of rage when he couldn’t get hold of cannabis to smoke.

During his rage he forcibly got hold of his baby boy’s testicles by either pinching, gripping or twisting them and then pushed his fingers down the defenceless baby’s throat.

kane kennedy

He then smothered him to death…

Kennedy denied murdering his son and tried to blame Oskar’s mother, Tia Jobey, 19, but the jury didn’t believe his story.

baby oskar murdered by his dad

Kennedy is due to be sentenced on December 15th while Jobey pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to causing or allowing the death of a child.

Jobey was sentenced to 30 months in a young offender institution.

Oskar was reported as unresponsive on October 1st and he was rushed to Royal Lancaster Infirmary by paramedics but was pronounced dead soon after arrival.

There were multiple non-accidental injuries that were identified during Oskar’s post-mortem, with a total of 13 different marks to his face and neck.


There was also severe bruising to both testicles with the jury being told that such injuries would have caused immense pain…

The court heard that the couple had been arguing two months before the murder about is use of cannabis.

Jobey told police that Kennedy would be ‘stressy’ when he could not smoke cannabis which ‘makes him paranoid about everything’.

She said that it wasn’t a good relationship but she was scared of being alone.

She also told Police that she thought Kennedy would change, but later learned of the extreme injuries inflicted on Oskar and ended the relationship in February.

The judge however said he didn’t accept that she could not foresee the risk of death.

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