Chained Up Kangaroo Beats The Shit Out Of Trainers On Live TV

If you consider the video of the man punching a Kangaroo, then you’ll kinda understand why Kangaroos and Humans don’t have a great relationship.

Not to mention it being constantly chained up as a show piece for our entrainment.

This video is from an American TV programme, the programme looks quite old but it clearly shows that you shouldn’t ever mess with a Kangaroo as it attacks it’s handlers live on TV.

boxing kangaroo

The producers of The Morning Exchange decided that it would be a great idea to feature a boxing Kangaroo…

But that move soon backfired on them as Killer Willard punches it’s trainer, Irene, in the face while dragging her husband around the set.

kangaroo kicks ass

It’s clear that the Kangaroo really didn’t appreciate being chained up!

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