Alien Enthusiasts Find ‘Spoon’ In NASA Images Of Mars

Could these photos be proof that aliens live on Mars?

Alien enthusiasts claim to have spotted even more evidence that life once existed on Mars when they saw NASA photos showing what looks like a spoon on the red planet.

The latest photos captured by the Rover appears to show what looks like cutlery; this is the second ‘spoon’ the Rover has found on Mars in recent years.


The video below was uploaded to YouTube by Secure Team (secureteam10) and has been viewed over 150,000 times since it was posted.

The video’s narrator said: “We have yet again another piece of evidence found on the planet Mars that would indicate that not only was it once inhabited by an alien life, but that that alien life may have just been more human than we think.”

We can only speculate as to what the object actually is with one YouTuber commenting: “If what we are seeing is wood/metal manufactured objects, it shows that someone was there at some time.

“Maybe a crashed probe from earlier in a global space program, maybe it was ancient humans who went there in a forgotten society on earth, or maybe non-terrestrials.”

Skeptics suggest the object could just be an unusual rock formation or an optical illusion…

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